Richard Lee Montgomery

Living in the Land of Cotton

49 pages

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History books, the media, school systems and on, and on, and on, abound in falsehoods and inaccuracies of Confederate and Southern history. Here are but a few fictional teachings which are presented today as true.

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ISBN# - 978-0-9898399-0-7

"Another Look at Six Myths in the Lost Cause"


Richard Lee Montgomery

Book Contents

Myth # 1: The War Between the States was Fought Over Slavery.
Myth # 2: The Confederate Battle Flag was Flown on Slave Ships.
Myth # 3: The Confederate Battle Flag Represented the Southern Nation.
Myth # 4: Only the North had Men of Color in Their Ranks.
Myth # 5: It was the South who Were the Racists.
Myth # 6: God Was on the Side of the North.

Published 2013