Richard Lee Montgomery

Living in the Land of Cotton

Living in the Land of Cotton Biography Series

Published 2017

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36 Pages

ISBN# - 978-1-942806-13-4

This series is based on primary sources. By that I mean they are books published before “Lincoln’s War” and books published going into the 1930s. Much of what you will read are quotes and narratives from these sources. At times, I will interject my thoughts but centered on what the source stated. The desired outcome for this new series is that the reader might be inspired, encouraged and become more proactive for the truths of history.

When it comes to the “War of Northern Aggression” or “Lincoln’s War,” there were those standout women from both the North, as well as from the South. Maria Isabella “Belle” Boyd was one of those women for the South or as we know it — the Confederate States of America.

​Miss Belle served the Confederacy as a Confederate spy and went to great extremes to deliver information to General Stonewall Jackson. Interestingly, she began spying as a teenager at seventeen.

Book Contents

Introduction  to Series

Maria Isabella "Belle" Boyd

Mis Belle's Formative Years

Lincoln's War of Aggression Has Arived

After Lincoln's War



Miss Belle Boyd


​Richard Lee Montgomery