Richard Lee Montgomery

Living in the Land of Cotton

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Book Contents

Politicians of the Confederacy
Soldiers of the Confederacy
Women of the Confederacy
Chaplains, Evangelist and Colporters of the Confederacy

"The Confederate Book of Quotes & Narratives "


Richard Lee Montgomery

158 pages

Published 2014

ISBN# - 978-0-9898399-5-2

The hope for this book is for the reader to visualize the narrative of that day when the South was invaded by those who desired to force their ideals, morals and attitudes on the South because they needed to be brought back under the Northerner’s way of life, philosophy of life and their interpretation of the law. But more than anything else, they needed the revenue that the South had been paying. Without this revenue, the North would financially collapse. Hopefully, as you read these quotes and narratives, of which most come from primary sources, that it will bring us closer to the facts of history and erase the opinions, of the new order of modern historians, where facts are deemed as secondary. History can easily become a lie when interpreted by the opinions of men and then, what do you get? Certainly you get no facts. George Santayana hit the bulls eye when he said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”