My hope for this writing is that it will be used as a resource book. Bottom line, just let it speak for itself without any forced opinions on the narrative. Now, I realize that historical analyses has it’s differences than with Biblical analyses, but maybe some instruction can come from two terms which are used in School of Biblical Interpretation, also call Hermeneutics. This first word is exegesis that literally means the interpreter is to let the text say what it says. Why? Because “Scripture is its own best interpreter.” The second word is eisegesis and means the interpreter is injecting his own ideas or opinions into the text, making it mean whatever they want it to mean. In other words, a forced opinion is given to say what the text means. Oh, that we will allow primary sources to direct our historical analyses and we will do our best, to tame our opinions from taking the front seat. So again, I hope that this book will serve as a tool in some way.

Published 2015

273 pages

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ISBN# - 978-1-942806-00-4

"The Confederate Truth

and Nothing But The Truth"


Richard Lee Montgomery

Richard Lee Montgomery

Living in the Land of Cotton

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​​Book Contents

Chapter 1: Secession
Chapter2: The Confederate Soldier
Chapter 3: Confederate Martyrs
Chapter 4: Battles
Chapter 5: Chaplains, Pastors and Colporters
Chapter 6: The Copperheads
Chapter 7: Songs and Poetry
Chapter 8: Confederate Women
Chapter 9: Yankees
Chapter 10: Prayers
Chapter 11: Confederate Politicians
Chapter 12: Names Given to the War
Chapter 13: CS Navy
Chapter 14: Flags of the Confederacy
Chapter 15: Abraham Lincoln