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 Today you hear different things about the Confederate States of America. You can hear different historical interpretations or perspectives. You can hear opposing arguments as to which side was right. Some say it was about slavery, some say it was about states’ rights. Others debate that Abraham Lincoln was the greatest president because of how he tended to what he called a civil war. And the rhetoric goes on and on. For more than one hundred and fifty years, people have sought to describe, define, and even infer ideas on the South and its culture. But it doesn’t take long for a Southerner to become frustrated, exhausted and even offended by the distortions of an outsiders truth or view of Dixie. In The Nation In Gray, each chapter is a lecture that I have presented and my hope is that the culture of the Confederacy will be seen and the fuller history be given.

155 pages

Published 2016

ISBN# - 978-1-942806-06-6

Richard Lee Montgomery

Living in the Land of Cotton

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"The Nation In Gray"


Richard Lee Montgomery

Book Content

Chapter 1: The Culture of the Confederacy
Chapter 2: The Enlisted Confederate Soldier
Chapter 3: The Black Confederate
Chapter 4: Flags Of The Confederacy
Chapter 5: The Confederate Chaplain
Chapter 6: Martyrs For The Confederate Cause
Chapter 7: The Confederate Military Cadet
Chapter 8: Abraham Lincoln, His Religion & Views On Race
Chapter 9: Union Soldier & Their Yankee Atrocities
Chapter 10: The Hard Hand Of War