Richard Lee Montgomery

Living in the Land of Cotton

Goals and Objectives:

To give academic lecture presentations (chronological order of the war) through Confederate topics, and personalities of the war.

To make available to the audience an outline for each lecture for note taking.
To make available to the audience Reference Bibliographies of each lecture for future study.
The hope is that visuals will play a major

role in each presentation.

8:45 - Prayer
8:47-9:00 Greetings & Introductions [Kyle Sims]
9:00-9:45 - “History of Slavery” [Kirt Barnett]

9:55-10:40 - “Differences Of Culture” [Richard Montgomery]

10:40-10:55 - Break

10:55-11:40 - Causes For The War: Missouri Compromise/Texas
Annexation” [The Kennedy Brothers]

11:40-1:00 - Lunch
1:00-1:45 - “Jefferson’s Cabinet” [Cindy Harriman]

1:50-2:35 - “Fort Sumter” [Jack Dyess]
3:35-4:00 - Questions &Answer Time
4:00 Closing Remarks - [Calvin Allen]

Note: This the first session of a 3-session seminar. The other two sessions are:

Session 2: Major Battles of the War Between the States (2018)

Session 3: Reconstruction (2019)

To pre-register for the event:
(make checks payable to Camp 2235)
mail checks before August 1st to:
Kyle Sims
1919 Ridgebrook Dr.
Arlington, Tx 76015

Payments can be taken over the phone (Mon-Fri 9-5)
by calling 817-467-9510

Confederate History Seminar: Prelude to the War

When: Saturday, August 5, 2017

Where: Diamond Oaks Country Club

5821 Diamond Oaks Dr N, Haltom City, Texas 76117​

Time: 8:45 am-4:00 pm

Sponsored by the Texas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans, 3rd Brigade

Tickets: Preregistration: $30.00 (includes Buffet Lunch)